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Retro Metro Co is the online shop for CL Leavey & Co, a tiny company situated in the glorious Teme Valley in England. Here we hand manufacture historically accurate household and personal care products from natural raw ingredients. Alongside our own products we're pleased to be able to offer you all manner of interesting and exciting things for yourself and for your home. And new for 2012, we have a gorgeous bookshop too!



Extensive research into the materials and techniques used by our ancestors to create their luxurious natural homecare products, skincare lotions, creams, soaps and toiletries is at the heart of our work. This makes our unique products sustainable and eco-friendly by default. Some date from Victorian and Edwardian times, others from the Tudor and Medieval periods - and some can even be traced right back to ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome.


Biobar Super Household and Pumice Hand Soaps are modified versions of a natural stain remover recipe which is at least four hundred years old. They are pure vegetable soaps, made by what is called the 'cold process saponification' method. This means that the coconut oil and Columbian RSPO certified palm oil we use are transformed into soap using only the tiny amount of energy needed to melt the oils ready for combination with the other ingredients. So not only are the Biobars the greenest choice you could make for cleaning your hands and removing stains around your home – they are also the greenest choice you could make in energy conservation terms!


Our toilet soaps are naturally deep-cleansing and moisturising, made with 62% olive oil and fragranced with aromatherapy-quality essential oils. We add herbs and flowers, goat's milk and English honeycomb to make them extra luxurious.


Our 'The Still' skin creams and lotions are all handmade from the finest natural materials. Top sellers Pot of Gold and Classic Cold Cream are essentials.


We also make a complete range of beeswax and pure turpentine polishes, using recipes which date back to the Elizabethans. Polishes for leather, wood, terracotta, furniture and floors are all there in our 'Apis' range.


Our moth-repellent herb blend, household lavender products – and many other exciting lines – are all available here, and from retailers nationwide.


Our first RetroMetro Technobook, 'HOW TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR CLOTHES' (ISBN 978-0-9570768-0-8), is published on February 29th 2012. Priced at £3.95, it is a pocket-sized treasury of information and advice on how to keep your favourite pieces looking like new and feeling fabulous for years to come. Keep an eye out for more titles in the series, each one rich in 'advice from the ancestors, edited and updated for modern living'.  


We sell our in-house home and personal care lines, and the Technobook series, to trade customers worldwide. Please visit www.claireleavey.com, to learn more about buying our brands, or to commission batches labelled under your own brand. Books are also available to Nielsen's bookseller members, or buy direct from us for special deals.




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