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Barker's Autumn Book 1938

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In 1938, the swanky department store 'Barker's' was putting the finishing touches to its legendary Kensington Roof Gardens, the work of two whole years. Situated high above Ken High Street, this deliciously period Deco oasis now tops what I think is Marks and Sparks, and a walk-through to the tube - but it's still accessible to the public via an unassuming side door marked '99 Kensington High Street'. If you haven't been there, do make sure you go - and if you can't, then why not invest a few pounds in this amazing reproduction of their Autumn 1938 catalogue, in which the very essence of this oh-so high-end general retailer and its gorgeous gardens is beautifully set out.

Covering everything from fur collars to broom cupboards, with a delicious diversion via evening dress, hams, mattresses, cigars and booze, this is a faithful magazine-format reproduction of their lavishly illustrated catalogue - complete with order form!

Absolute heaven for vintage fans, and the ideal low-cost return ticket back to a time of absolute sanity. Broom cupboards, cigars and booze. What more could you want?!




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