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Good Food on the Aga

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By Ambrose Heath, a legend of cookery writing. And if I tell you I had to break for pancakes with butter and chestnut honey (plus coffee) midway through this description, you maybe have a clue as to the effect the very idea of this book can have on the digestion!

Divided into two parts, the book opens with a very useful and interesting chapter on the original solid-fuel Aga, its functioning and management - of interest to all those of us who wonder why their owners are such fans, as well as to those striving to get the best out of the one they do own! It's no surprise to learn that this book was actually commissioned by Bell's Heat Appliances, the first UK importer of the Swedish ranges, and by the time of publication the UK manufacturers.

The second, and major, part of the book is in fact lifted wholesale from his first seminal work, 'Good Food' - unadulterated but for an introductory panel of Aga-related reminders at the head of each monthly chapter. The cooking instructions then are suitable for every cooker, and certainly not restricted to the Aga alone.

Each month opens with a list of the foods that will be in season, and this is followed by a mass of recipes, their titles and ingredients lists helpfully positioned in the outside margin to make it tremendously easy to use as a quick supper-time reference.

Recipes include: partridge à la crème, peasant potatoes, fried aubergines, cucumber soup, Spanish omelette, young turnip soup, baked pears with chocolate sauce, American fried chicken, sausages with cabbage, and many more inventive and appetising twists on ingredients both familiar and rare.

"This is rather an unusual way of frying raw minced beef. Fry a chopped onion in butter, and add a pound of fresh-minced meat and enough stock to moisten it. Take it off the fire, add a little cream, salt and pepper. Shape into rounds and fry them in butter. They should be served on croûtons of fried bread, surmounted by a small spoonful of horseradish sauce."

The perfect companion for anyone struggling for inspiring supper ideas - and a fabulous Aga-side reading companion!

243pp Persephone softback facsimile of a book first published in 1933, each chapter head beautifully illustrated, and with diagrams of the original anthracite Aga. Endpapers and matching bookmark taken from a 1933 block-printed linen by Bernard Adeney.



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